• Unique Industry Co., Ltd uses new technology to produce multi-layered bag by using COEXTRUSION, a simultaneous injection process of more than two plastic types through COEXTRUSION DIE under "Clean Room" control.

  • Able to mix different plastic structures e.g. color, plastic-based barrier, selective barrier, slip resistant for better quality bag.

  • Plastic-based barrier or selective barrier film is applied in food, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, and industrial packaging. Barrier structures provide needed protection of contents, while at the same time minimizing the escape of inside constituents. Selective barriers, on the other hand, allow passage of gases and vapors, while barring the passage of liquids.

  • Advantage
    • Better bonding between layers
    • Cost down material
    • Cost down production
    • High quality, Specification improvement
    • PIN HOLE decreasing
    • AIR HOLE (Bubble between layers) decreasing
    • Peel-Off decreasing
    • Humidity storage improvement
    • Barrier Properities
    • Cost down
  • High Productivity by using
    • DIE design
    • IBC Internal heat transfer
    • 2-Step Air blowed ring
    • Osillator

  • High quality of film by spinning osillator (Osillating Take Off)


Selective BarrierCharacteristics
Moisture barrierProtection against drying out and loss of weight (if the contents are wet)
Protection against moisture absorption (if the contents are dry)
Protection against the formation of mold

Oxygen barrier (O2)Protection against the oxidation of fat and vitamins
Protection against microbiological contamination

Carbon dioxide barrier (CO2)Keeps CO2 in the package (where Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is used)
Protection of products that contain CO2 (fizzy products)
High permeability where products produce CO2
(e.g. packaging containing maturing cheese)

Nitrogen barrier (N2)Keeps N2 in the package
(where Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is used)

Aroma barrierProtection against loss of aroma
(e.g. coffee)

Smell barrierProtection against leakage of aroma
(in, for example, toothpaste or detergents)
Protection against sensory changes
(migration of smells from external products into the package)

Light protectionProtection against photo oxidation (e.g. with milk)
Protection against discoloration when on display
(e.g. discoloration of sauces and other similar products)

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